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Farm Products for Sale

Sheepskins - Available mid to late September. Stay tuned for more information--they will be beautiful!
Lamb - We will have meat available throughout the Fall and early Spring. Lambs will be taken to the abattoir each month and the meat will be available the following week. We have the carcass hung for a week to develop flavor before being cut and packaged. If you have special requests/specific orders, please let us know by the following dates. Call (336) 622-1795 with further questions. 
Order by: Ready for pickup by:
Sept. 18 Sept. 29
Oct. 16 Oct. 27
Nov. 6 Nov. 17 (in time for Thanksgiving)
Dec. 11 Dec. 22 (in time for Christmas)

Lamb Prices as of Sept. 2023

Cut Price/lb.
Leg w/ bone $16.00
Leg - boneless $18.00
Loin Roast (boneless) $24.00
Loin Chops $22.00
Rack (standard or frenched) $24.00
Rib Chops $22.00
Shanks $16.00
Shoulder Roast w/ bone $15.00
Shoulder Roast - boneless $16.00
Stew Meat $16.00
Ground $16.00
Spare Ribs $10.00
Neck (whole or chops) $10.00
Liver, Heart, Kidneys $10.00
Soup Bones $6.00

Whole Lamb - Can be whole carcass or cut up to your specifications and packaged.
$11.00/lb hanging weight.
Estimated hanging weight is 45-55 lbs.

Pasture-Raised Chicken - Our chickens are raised and processed right here on the farm. They were bred to grow quickly and have a higher meat-to-bone ratio than commercially raised chickens. And they taste better!

Whole chickens weigh between 4 and 6 pounds and are $6.50/lb. Call or text Beth Henry (336) 202-8893 with orders and further questions. 

We prefer cash or check.
Call (336) 622-1795 for questions or more information.


Rising Meadow Farm
Ann and Ron Fay
3750 Williams Dairy Road
Liberty, NC 27298
Beth and Winfield Henry
7512 Old Liberty Road
Liberty, NC 27298